Momoya was a Bushi serving at Aragane Station.



It is unknown what kind of personality he had, but before he died, he showed loyalty to Ayame.


Aragane Station ArcEdit

Momoya eaten by the Kabane

Momoya eaten by the Kabane

While defending from the Kabane, one of them grabbed his gun and pulled him down, where the Kabane devoured him.[1]


  • He was skilled with a gun, due to him being a Bushi.


  1. Koutetsujou No Kabaneri: Episode 2


  • Due to episode 2 being delayed in Japan- a censored version of the episode was accidentally released early in China. The Chinese subtitles were then translated into English. While the episode was seen "on time," Momoya's name was incorrectly subbed as "Peasant-chan" and quickly became a joke amongst fans.

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