ninelie by Aimer with chelly (from Egoist) is the first ending theme of the anime Koutetsujou no Kabaneri.


The song debuted in the 2nd episode as ending song. The single track along with another songs by aimer, was released on May 11, 2016.

Single TracklistEdit

  1. ninelie
  2. Through My Blood
  3. スピカ
  4. ninelie (TV size)
  5. ninelie (instrumental)


Kimi o tsunagu sora no hoshi ga hitotsu oto o tatetemo
Doremo onaji ame ni nureta yume bakari kawaku dake no kō

Aite o nazoru kotae ni tsukareta
Kurikaesu hi no nai yoake ni kuzureta asa

Tsukamaeta daydream deokureta sutōrī to eikō ga
Doko e sakebi tonaetemo
Areta ton'neru koe mo kugurenai
Dakara sairensu tomosu tame to

Soto to pazuru no yō ni hamaru pīsu ga hitsuyō to shite mo
Ei mo nai itsuwari to onaji da sutesarare narabu dake no shō

Hako no naka ni soroeta iradachi
Junbanmachi sarashi gomakashi no gōru

Don't be above your daydream kado ga toreta vision
Kimi no yume ga yoko de hazuretemo
Boku wa utai hashi o kakeyou
Dakara sairensu narasu tame to

Doko made mo katagawa ni sotta rizumu sugita machinami wa owari no ai to tōku e
Tsutaerenai hizumikake no imēji ni megasameta teikō kataochi no shōdō

Kudaketa cry & dream tobira dake no risō
Machi ga zatsuon ni obore hashaidemo
Boku wa utai kaji o suteyou
Dakara sairensu hibiku tame to

どれも同じ雨に濡れた夢ばかり 乾くだけの光


捕まえたdaydream 出遅れたストーリーと栄光が
荒れたトンネル 声もくぐれない
だからサイレンス 灯すためと

影もない偽りと同じだ 捨て去られ並ぶだけの賞

順番待ちさらし 誤摩化しのゴール

Don't be above your daydream 角が取れたvision
僕は歌い 橋をかけよう
だからサイレンス 鳴らすためと

どこまでも片側に沿ったリズム 過ぎた街並は終わりの愛と遠くへ
伝えれない歪みかけのイメージに 目が覚めた抵抗 型落ちの衝動

砕けたcry & dream 扉だけの理想
街が雑音に溺れ はしゃいでも
僕は歌い 舵を捨てよう
だからサイレンス 響くためと

Even if the stars in the sky that keep you together raise a single sound in protest
All dreams will be drenched by the same downpour and light is merely left out to dry

I grew tired of answers found by following others
Among a repetitive daybreak with no sun the morning shatters

A daydream grasped the story and glory that are behind the times
But no matter which direction they shout their tale
Their voices won't make it through the ruined tunnel
So they merely exist to ignite this silence

Even if a piece is required to connect with the outside, like a puzzle
They're like fakes without shadows, being tossed aside; prize medals only for display

These frustrations gathered inside a box
Await their turn to be exposed by a deceptive goal

Don't be above your daydream as angles have been taken from your vision
But even if your dream passes you by
I'll sing as I cross the bridge
So I can let this silence echo loudly

The rhythm always followed alongside while the cityscape passes and grows farther, accompanying a final love
With a twisting image I can't communicate has an awaken resistance and an outdated impetus

This crushed cry & dream as nothing but gateway ideals
But even if this city is happy to drown amidst the noise
I'll sing as I toss aside the rudder
So I can let this silence resound



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